Bantayan Island

It is never easy being alone.  When you travel, you have to be with someone who is as crazy and random as you or else the trip won’t be as exciting as you thought it will be.


I didn’t have any idea at first where to go when I booked my flight going to Cebu. Then, I saw the place in the movie Camp Sawi.  The timing was just perfect. I was fascinated with the beauty of Island featured in the movie. So, I told myself, I think it’s time for me to scrape off that thing on my bucket list: to travel alone and to check this paradise for myself as well.

Cebu is known as one of the tourist destinations in the country. On the northern part of Cebu is where Bantayan Island is located. Approximately, 3-4Hours by land then a ferry ride for an hour. The island is divided into three: Bantayan, Sta. Fe and Madridejos. You’d be able to see most of the scenic beaches in Sta Fe.


Day 1:

6am flight from MNL- CEB . (Yes, sometimes, we have to wait for the right time, right person at the right place)


From Mactan Airport, you can take a cab going to North Bus Terminal. It will be roughly 3-4hours travel by bus. There are ordinary bus and airconditioned bus going to Hagnaya Port with fare of P200.00. Terminal Fee: 10.00

My view on my way to Hagnaya port. It is already relaxing. How much more if I get to my final destination? I just cant wait!

After almost 4hours of travel by bus with one stopover, we reached Hagnaya port.

Just in time for the ferry ride.

There is also a terminal fee to and from Hagnaya for P10.00. Super shuttle ferry from Hagnaya to Sta Fe port takes about an hour of travel. (Fare: P170.00). Getting off from Sta Fe port, there are habals offering ride for P20.00.

This is where I stayed on my short escape to the island. The staff are friendly and accomodating. I never felt out of place when I arrived. They welcomed me with a great smile and I was very happy with their service. For inquiries, you can email them at
Finally after how many hours, I’m  here! What an amazing scenery! The beach is so refreshing!  I just can’t wait to soak up under the sun.



My entire afternoon was spent loitering at the beach, enjoying the view.

Day 2:

For me, sunrise is the greatest time of the day. A brand new day signifies hope for you to make things better today than yesterday.
If you’re on a tight budget, you can rent a bike for only P150.00 for a day. You can already tour the town on your own, (believe me, it’s kinda tiring). I suggest if you know how to drive a motorcycle, you can go it. It’s only P300.00 per day.
I was so tired from swimming so I took a rest on the tree, my new hangout place.


Loitering in Sta Fe.
Breakfast in coucou bar and restaurant.

This is the view in Kota Beach Resort.

This is the Omagieca mangrove forest. There will be a fee of 50.00 upon entrance. According to my guide, this place has been fully devastated from the typhoon Haiyan and it’s slowly trying to recover.
Many times on this trip I was asked why I’m alone. I just answer them with a smile. Maybe the best answer for me would be, “I think I need some time for myself to be alone too, to learn how to love myself again:. I think that when you fall in love, you don’t think of yourself anymore, you just give everything to that person without realizing you also need something for yourself.
Who would have thought that this place, being wrecked many times, still stood out and turned as the best place ever. This is actually my favorite spot. It’s true that when you had your darkest days, you will be rewarded with the best things in life.
Sometimes I asked myself, what is wrong with me? Some people you love,  destroy the trust you had given them or break you into pieces. But I believed , through the ends of the world, there is someone out there who will never ever leave you. Someone who is willing to take all the risks just to be with you.
I found my solace in this place. What a breathtaking view from Mangrove Forest.
This is a normal view in the island. You always have to choose where, who or what makes you happy.
This is actually a hidden spot I’ve found while I was waiting for my turn to take a dip in the freshwater pool. Ogtong Cave was crowded at the time.
Ogtong cave. Clear freshwater. There will be an entrance fee of 100.00 and you’ll be able to enjoy the pool as well on the resort.
Who would’ve thought I’d be able to make new friends with these gorgeous ladies? Twas nice meeting them actually. Thankfully, I was never alone during the entire time of my adventure.
This is the view from Paradise Island. We got there late, so I wasn’t able to get a much better view of the place. But, I must say, that this is one of the best places you need to visit in the island. There will also be a fee of 50.00 for the entrance

Day 3:

Just beach bumming on my last day at the island.
time to go home. 😦

Check on the pic below for the schedule of Ferry.


Taxi from airport to terminal: 180
Terminal fee :10
Bus to hagnaya: 200 (airconditioned)
Ferry to sta fe: 170
Terminal fee in hagnaya 10
Sta port terminal fee: 10
Habal to resort : 20
Resort: 1700/night
(beach placid) vary depending on the room (rates can be as low as 800 or lower, try to check their website for more information)
Bike rental:150/24hrs or if u know how to drive a motor, it will be much better (for 350)
Tour: 400 within the city (optional) you can do it by yourself if u want
(There are some bangkeros offering virgin island tour for 600-800)
Mangroves entrance: 50
Ogtong entrance: 100
 Tricy back to port: 25
Terminal fee sta fe: 10
Ferry back to Cebu :170
Bus to Cebu city : 170
Taxi back to the airport: 150

Total expenses : 5225 Php for 3 days.
Airfare not yet included
Plus other expenses like souvenirs and pasalubong.

(It will be much cheaper if you’re travelling with a group or someone)

For others, who are planning to visit the island, there are still a lot of things to do in Bantayan. Ive read other blogs and still so many places i never had the chance to visit. I was in pure bliss already on what i was seeing and i just wanted to relax.

It was indeed a great first time solo backpacking.

Thanks for reading! 😊