A journey to motherhood

It has been years since my last post, however, let me tell you some good news. I’ve been very busy with my life. From getting married to getting pregnant, then becoming a mother! It wasn’t a smooth ride but I was able to adjust. I am very much grateful for all of these blessings.

It all started when my period never showed up. I have regular periods so I know if I am delayed. At first I didn’t know what to feel. I was overwhelmed with what I saw, having two lines on the test kit. It was a little uneasy,  scared yet excited at the same time.


Yes, I had morning sickness especially when eating pork and vegetables like okra and longanisa. On my first trimester, I craved for oranges. Every after meal, I have to eat orange. On my 2nd trimester, I no longer wanted orange but chocolates and avocados. I can say that I had sensitive pregnancy. I had to resign from work because I was having bleeding. So, mostly during the duration of my pregnancy, I had to be on bed rest. My meals had to be delivered in our room. Except when I had to go out on check ups or need to go somewhere important.

We never had a gender reveal, since I was on bedrest. I knew then that it was going to be a girl since I didn’t have much changes on my body, only my tummy growing bigger. Hahaha. As they say, when you’re having a boy, you’ll look different.

My actual due date was July 15, 2018. I started having slight contractions on this day. We even went to the hospital to check, but was advised to go home. I was just 2cm dilated. I was advised to go on a walk. The entire day of July 16, the contractions were quite manageable until 11pm at night. It was a little bit stronger and I can no longer sleep. At around 1am of July 17, We already went to the hospital. I was already 5cm dilated. I was admitted at 3 in the morning. My husband wasn’t already allowed to enter the labor room and delivery room. The contractions grew stronger and stronger. It is true that you’ll never know pain until you are in labor. It was the most excruciating feeling I ever had.


At 11:05 am, I delivered baby Yumi via normal delivery! It was indeed a big relief, however, right after I gave birth, my blood pressure spiked to 220/110. My head hurts so much, I tried to sleep to keep the pain away.  When I woke up, I was being transferred to the room. Then I saw my brother in law, mommy and my husband waiting. It was a relief.
After probably 30mins, a nurse entered the room carrying  little Yumi. Upon seeing the sight of  her, I fell in love. I was in disbelief asking, is this really mine? She was very beautiful. She is an angel! I am very thankful I have her. She’s now my greatest treasure. 


Thank you for reading!  😊

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