A letter to the One





Hi there!

I’m not sure if we’ve met already. I believe you’re still taking a lot of your time for yourself or maybe you’re still with someone. I know its difficult to get through me right now coz I’m nowhere to be found. I am quite busy with myself as well. Let me tell you some thing,  once you found me, please don’t’ ever let me go. Bring with you a lot of patience, because I am very stubborn at times . I often do what I wanna do and go where i wanna go. I hope you’re a traveler too because if so, we’ll get along just fine. I love to be taken out even just a walk in the park. I am not that hard to please.

Once I’m in love, I try to do my best to let you feel the same way.. Also let me remind you I’m not that pretty, I may not be as gorgeous as your past girlfriends, but I am unique in a way. Please DONT EVER COMPARE me to your ex’s,  I’ve been through a lot of insecurities with myself because of that. I may have some attitude that pisses you off but I am flexible with different attitudes or personalities as well.. I  am fun to be with. I got loads of stories to tell so you wont get bored of me. I am clingy at times and self confessed hopeless romantic. Please let me experience anniversaries at least.

And if you get a yes from me, please handle my heart with care.. It has been through hell in the past. My heart was broken and shattered into pieces, I know it is still fragile but definitely working in good condition. 

Lastly, I am not looking for short time partner but a lifetime bestfriend.. Hoping to meet you the soonest, my love.

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